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Leg with/without claw

In Leaf beatles the fourth tarsal segment (located between the two heart-shaped lobes of the third segement) is minute. In some species the inner edge of the front tibiae is twice concave with a small tooth near the middle.

 Curculionoidea claw  Curculionoidea leg Curculionoidea leg2  Curculionoidea leg3 Curculionoidea leg4
claw lobes plus last segment with claw  two lobes of the third segment leg concave tibia with tooth


Leaf beatles have large hind wings with a reduced venation

Curculionoidea wing   


Antenna of the family Cerambrycidae are moniliform (like a string of beads), with eleven segments, each with short bristles. Antenna of the subfamily Hyperinae have a long first segment, then six-seven segments then a three-
segmented club.

 Curculionoidea antenne  
 antenna (probably Cerambrycidae)  

eye, mandible, palp

Mandibles are similar as scarabidae

 Curculionoidea mandible Curculionoidea palp 
mandible  palp

Other, elytra

The elytra often have scales (shiny patches of hair or elytral scales)

 Curculionoidea elytra Curculionoidea elytra2 
 elytra  elytra