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Leg with/without end tars

Legs are long and slender. The fore leg of some Chironomidae have a tibial comb (a row of brisles) along the apex, sometimes with apiacal (tibial)  spurs.

Chironomidae leg Chironomidae leg2  
tibial comb tibial comb  



The wings are membrabous with reduced venation and a characteristic thickening of the veins in the centre of the wing (shaped as the letter Z)

Chironomidae wing Chironomidae wing2  
wing Z-shaped thickening of veins  



Males have densely-haired antenna, however, the hairs detach readily.

Chironomidae antenna2 Chironomidae antenna male    
antenna antenna of male    


Chironomidae antenna base Chironomidae antenna base2 Chironomidae antenna base3  
small antenna base wide antenna base both wide and smale bases  


head, eye, antenna, palp


Chironomidae head Chironomidae head2    


Other, thorax, balance organ

Chironomidae have a characteristic humped thorax. genitalia of male Chironomids have styles, anals point, basal appendages and coxite.

Chironomidae body fragment Chironomidae genital Chironomidae genital2 Chironomidae genital3
thorax of Chironomidae intact male genitalia genitalia