Category: Insect & spider

Leg with/without claw

Tipulidae have long slender legs, often only tiny fragments appear in droppings. The legs are covered with long hairs.

leg fragments leg fragments    


The wings are often characteristically marbeled, with darker patches of pigment. The costal margin has a typical row of stiff hairs

wing costal margin of wing costal margin of wing wiing wing base


Tipulid antennae consist of a series of 13-16 similar segments. The most common antennae type has a rounded base with four projecting spines. Less common are horned antennae.

antennae with 4 spines antennae with 4 spines antennae with 4 spines horned antenna horned antenna  

head, eye, palp

The maxillary palp is long and slender, with the terminanal segment elongated covered with a stripe pattern. The eyes are large, the exoskeleton near the eye yellowish covered with long hairs.

 eye  eye  terminal segment  palp  palp

Other, balance organ, egg

Tipulid eggs are strongly pigmented and a rich wine colour, it has a smouth surface. The halter (or balance organ)  has a long slender shaft, with an extended spoon-like tip.