Category: Insect & spider

Leg with/without claw

Corixidae or Water Boatmen have three pairs of segmented legs, variously modified. The foreleg has a widened tip with fringes of long hairs (the pala pegs). The mid leg has a long claw, some species have a dark pigmented tubular band between two segments. The hind legs are more flattened also with hair

corixidae first leg without hairs corixidae first leg without hairs2 corixidae first leg without hairs3 corixidae first leg without hairs4  
foreleg (with pala pegs) foreleg (with sockets of pala pegs)        


corixidae first leg with hairs corixidae first leg with hairs2 corixidae second leg claw corixidae second leg claw2 corixidae second leg with claw
leg with swimming hairs leg with swimming hairs midleg with claw midleg with claw midleg with claw





antennae are short or long, 3 or 4-segmented

eye, mandible, palp

The eyes are large transparant, with dark tones.

corixidae eye corixidae eye2
eye eye


Other, chitin fragments, eggs

The fragments of chitin from the body have black spots or stripes (often from same individual). The eggs are droplet shaped with pointed tip.

corixidae egg corixida fragment chitin corixida fragment chitin2  
egg chitin chitin