This site is a initiative of Frauke Kruger, Anne-Jifke Haarsma and Carolien van der Graaf. This site is under construction, it is possible that information is lacking or incomplete. This website is meant as a manual for those of you who want to identify prey in bat droppings. A lot of batworkers partook in the assembly of the information gathered on this website. We took great care to avoid errors and to include all possible prey species and their subsequent fragments. Batworkers are encouraged to send their comments, photos and their expierences using this website. This is an electronic publication and we are happy to make an update.

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Since xxx year  researchers have studies the diet of bats. Several goals, study purposes.

Manual few and often lacking photos. We want to gather info.

This sites focuses on European bat species.

More information about bats in general can be found on several national sites, see link below.


Most pictures shown on this website are made with a Carl Zeiss Discovery V20 stereo microscope (link). This website is made in collabaration with Naturalis biodiversity center

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